Конкурс Trollbeads — «Народная бусина»

It’s my favorite works and favorite saying.
“Aslanin erkeyi dişisi olmaz
 literal translation of the words “there is no difference between lion and lioness” or it’s means “there is no difference between male and female”
I took a couple of options for the lion. as beautiful as lioness and strong as a lion.

“Set a sprat to catch a mackerel”- “Könlü balıq istəyən quyruğunu suya salar.
İs one of the interesting sayings in Azerbaijan .  

I want to introduce my work.  Azerbaijani people have got a good saying:
Ölməyə qərib ölkə, gəzməyə vətən yaxşı
Means that
“East or west home is best”
That why I have made this bead. I am inspired by the history of Azerbaijan, it’s people, their creativity, it is an integral part of culture. I used the old ornament of Azerbaijan . 

Hello, I am e designer  from   Azerbaijan. I did the 2 sketches of chickens.  It’s means :
“Cücəni payızda sayarlar” – “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched ”